My Journey of Faith is a gathering place for Christians to share Christ’s love and encourage one another along life’s journey.


Our journey of faith begins one step at a time.  We all need help from others along the way on our journey home.  We need friends and loved ones to hold our hand, show us love and encouragement, and help us safely across dangerous terrain. This website is dedicated to Christian women who desire to grow and mature in the image of Jesus Christ as we travel along the road of life toward everlasting life with the heavenly Father.  This site will provide an opportunity for you to share your experiences – joys, sorrows, moments of reflection and more with Christian sisters. God often allows events in our life as lessons to be shared with others. Here is a place you can share those lessons.

Who are we?

We are a group of Christian women who love the Lord Jesus Christ and serve Him daily.  We believe that Jesus was born of a virgin, died on a cross as the sinless Son of God, rose from the dead, appeared before many in His glorified body, and that He is coming again!  It is our hope that you will find this website helpful as we share together.  May God bless you this very hour.