My Journey of Faith Ministries!!

We are offering for the first time a Founder’s membership. This is a one time event.  For helping us launch this new ministry initiative, we are delighted to provide you with this exclusive offer!! This offer will be disappearing soon and will NEVER be seen again.

Membership fee for all content on the website will be:

$5 monthly or $60 annually. 

Registration for Founder’s Membership


January 01, 2020


January 18, 2020  

Why a membership site?

After many prayers and discussions with board members and others, My Journey of Faith Ministries is launching a membership site.  We are excited in this endeavor for encouraging women and serving the Lord. As always our purpose has been to encourage one another daily and assist in growing the spiritual lives of those we serve. It is our desire to help you grow in your personal and spiritual life at home and in ministry. With this change we will be able to assist you on a deeper level by providing you with helpful guidance and community along your journey.

In every step of your journey with us, we will provide you with many tools to grow your faith, grow your ministry, and build a community of believers. Through life experiences, you and our team can offer others encouragement and support as needed.

Spiritual Reasons:

We want desperately to assist you on your personal journey.  Life can be hard but with other women who have gone through the same circumstances as you can give you encouragement in knowing how Jesus brought them through these hard times.  Building a community of believers from various walks of life and experiences can be invaluable to you.  Together we can navigate the roads ahead.

Financial Reasons:

Up until now, we have used volunteers to provide the needed content. These women, mostly stay at home Moms have generously donated their time to serve the Lord in this ministry.   They have shared their heart with us for many years and now it is time to help them supplement their income.

We also need operating dollars for online software, hosting services, etc. We want the ministry to grow and perpetuate itself for many years to come as long as the Lord is willing. You can help us with that endeavor.

Thank you for being part of My Journey of Faith Ministries.

What Founder’s membership offers:

  • A  Journey Assessment
  • Life coaching-one free session
  • Access to all content-Bible studies, videos, podcast, devotions, community and life coaching
  • Discounts in the shop
  • Discounts for Encourage Retreat and conferences
  • Webinars and online conferences

Join us on the journey!

Want to be part of the Founders pathway?

Watch for the registration opening date of January 01, 2020.