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Thinking about your own personal and spiritual growth? Do you yearn for more? Need a community of women who are doing life with Jesus? On our journey through life, personal and spiritual growth is necessary to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus. Through good times and bad, faith in Jesus guides us through the road bumps, detours and pit stops along our journey in life. We are a community of travel partners who desire to encourage and assist you in your growth process.

This membership group allows you access to content designed especially for you to assist you on your journey of spiritual growth. You will have access to Bible Studies, video testimonies, coaching and community. You will learn to write and tell your story and share it with a group of women who will encourage you in life and pray for your needs. Devotions, podcasts and specialty surprises come with this package. You will have a 10% discount on all items in the shop and special events such as Encourage Retreats and conferences. Join for $84.00 annual fee. That's only $7.00 a month! Join us on the journey!

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Ministry Partners


Are you a leader in your church? Do you have a ministry God has called you to create and grow? Need suggestions and help? Join with us in Ministry Partners membership. This area of membership will provide you access to all content from the personal and spiritual growth pathway as well as special resources just for you for energizing your ministry and ministry events, enhance your ability to help your women grow in Christ and assist you in making your ministry more effective.

You will have access to all videos, Bible Study content, life coaching, building community connection with other ministry partners, online webinars with seasoned ministry leaders and so much more. This pathway has exclusive material content and ideas for ministry leaders. Plus 15% discount on all items in the shop and special events such as Encourage Retreats, conferences, special Masterclasses and other events. Don’t miss out! This membership is $96.00 annually. That's just $8.00 a month. Join us!

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Our Purpose

We are an online ministry to encourage and provide Christian women with tools and support for personal and spiritual growth in Christ as well as providing needed support for women's ministry leaders in expanding their knowledge for growing and serving others within their individual ministry reach.

Encourage One Another Daily As Long As It Is Called Today!