5 Ways to be a Mom Who Sticks to The Word



There was a season and often still is, where finding quiet time feels next to impossible. As a homeschooling mom of three, there is never a shortage of noise as soon as their feet hit the floor. Some days all I crave is a few moments to call my own, a little space to breathe. It can be impossible to find, am I right?

When I became pregnant with my third and even in the year prior, I knew I lacked something I longed for….time in my Bible. But the age-old question pops in, “you’re a mom, you don’t have time to sit and read the Word.” The truth, however, painted a different picture. I needed Him more than any other “thing.” Gasp! I even needed Him more than the very ones I spend my days raising.

After all, He is the sustainer of all we are. Colossians 1:17 “And He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.”

He is the Lifter of our heads. Psalm 3:3 “But you, O Lord, are a shield about me, my glory, and the lifter of my head.”

And He is our Provider for all things. 1 Peter 2:1 “So put away all malice and all deceit and hypocrisy and envy and all slander.”

We need every bit of Him to get through the day. When I am tired by dinner time I need Him to strengthen my insides to continue. I need encouragement that only He can provide. Being in His Word daily is the key that unlocks the truth of the Gospel in us every day.

There are five ways I have learned in my walk with Christ that we need to be mama’s who stick to His Word every day.

  1. Know your spiritual need

Christ is the life source that sustains us. As mom’s we put everyone else first, we live in sweats and spit up. We haven’t worn our hair down since we were pregnant (ok, well that may be an exaggeration, but it sure does feel like it.) Our spiritual need is immense – we need to be washed over by the Gospel every day. We need to know we are seen and loved by God. We need to be changed by the Gospel ourselves in order to be able to train our children to love God with all they have (Duet. 6:9). We must recognize our need daily, not just once, but every morning when our eyes burst open, that again today we need the Gospel.

  1. Make time, not excuses

I am the master of the snooze button, in fact, the other week I hit snooze every ten minutes for over an hour. Sleep seems impossible some days when you wake up to two kids in your bed, one of which currently has their foot tucked in your pajama pants (raise your hand if you’ve been there). Sleep drove my mornings for so long, but it suddenly became a hindrance. For me, the early morning hours have become my favorite. I haphazardly stumble to the coffee pot, sometimes throw together lunch for my hubby and then settle in my space, open my Bible and dig in. Don’t get me wrong there was a time I read my Bible while rocking a baby swing with my foot in between feedings. There was a season when the quiet of naptime echoed with the sound of turning pages in my Bible. We are each different in what is the perfect time, but we are all the same in that we need to make time somewhere. We have to stop making excuses and find it.

  1. Give yourself grace

We can’t mention time and excuses without grace, because every day is far from perfect. No two seasons in our lives are created equal. Health happens, grief, newborns, among many other things. God gives grace; we should extend some to ourselves too. There is no pressure for perfection. There is no pressure for quantity. There is no pressure for specific times of the day. Find your rhythm in each new season.

  1. It doesn’t have to quiet

I have had more times in the Word with a child in my lap than I can count. I have had my “quiet” time in the middle of a messy playroom floor because the kids were occupied. I have read my Bible app while waiting at loud after school activities. Just because it isn’t “quiet” doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable.

P.S. Your children will quickly learn the Word is important if they see you in it.

  1. This is not a sprint; it’s a marathon

We push ourselves to read the Bible in a year, many chapters and verses a day. We challenge ourselves to take endless notes, maybe even beautiful journaling pages. We mount the pressure to make it evident on social media that we have been in the Word, that we worshiped on the treadmill (trust me I’ve seen some crazy instastories). Side note: not everything we do with Jesus is supposed to be shared. We chase the sprint as fast as we can. We see the pretty Instagram pictures of everyone’s Bibles and suddenly feel like we failed. STOP the madness. Every good marathon runner hits their stride; it doesn’t become about the people around them but rather crossing the finish. Our goal is this: cross the finish in your lane, with your eyes set on Christ.

More than these five, the greatest way is to ask God for help in prayer. Ask Him to help you with each step. Ask Him to lead.

Michelle Rabon