A Conversation on Pornography Part 2 with Deb Rice




A continuing conversation on the influence of Pornography part 2 with Deb Rice

Pornography can be seen everywhere and the danger it poses to the next generation can’t be over-estimated… so let’s talk about it. Deb Rice has spent the past year teaching and doing life with teens who have shared with her their encounters with pornography, an experience that has led her to research more deeply its impact and how we can combat and prevent it in our children’s future. Listen in as Deb and Carissa dig into how pornography impacts our physiology, relationships, and spirituality, and what we can do as parents and those responsible for the upcoming generations. You can find Deb on Twitter @shattered4Glory and on Facebook at Deborah Arnold Rice. The website referred to in the podcast is www.fightthenewdrug.org