A Psalm for All the Days of Our Lives




Are you old enough to remember the Florida Orange Growers TV commercial from the 70’s?  It featured folks of various ages and stages of life pausing in their day to drink a big glass of cold, refreshing orange juice and then declare: juice – It’s not just for breakfast anymore!

That commercial came to mind as I studied Psalm 23. Inspired by the Floridians, let’s coin our own phrase:

Psalm 23 – It’s not just for funerals anymore! (And it really never was!)

While it my be the most-quoted passage for funerals, this poetic Psalm provides truth for every age and stage of life. Called the Shepherd Psalm, David drew all the way back from his childhood to teach us about God – and about ourselves. In declaring God to be my shepherd, David suggests a personal relationship (emphasis on the pronoun my.) He also adopts a posture of humility – in declaring God the shepherd, David self identifies as a sheep.

Here’s a summary of the verse—by-verse truths found as we unpacked this rich Psalm:

Verse: Because God is my shepherd:
1 I have everything.
2 I have rest and peace
3a I have restoration and healing
3b I have guidance and direction
4a I have courage
4b I have comfort
5a I have provision in danger
5b I have more than I need
6a I have His presence
6b I have eternal life

Each verse carries shades and depths of meaning that can easily be overlooked – even after years of memorizing and reciting. Take some time to read this powerful passage today and embrace each truth as your own.

Laura Macfarlan