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Welcome to My Journey of Faith Online Magazine!

My Journey of Faith began 5 years ago as an online ministry for the purpose of encouraging Christians on their personal journey of faith. God creates each of us with unique personalities and individual gifts to be used by Him according to His plan for our life. Because we are different, we each experience life in different ways. Sometimes this life experience is very different from those around us and sometimes it’s not. It is, however, uniquely individual and often filled with happiness, tragedy, sinfulness, obedience or other human emotions and experiences.

In Heb 3: 13, the Lord commands us to “Encourage one another daily, as long as it is day”. One way we encourage others is to share those life experiences that are personally ours. This online ministry is a platform for sharing such experiences and encouraging other Christian men and women. Our purpose is to uplift others as we mature into the image of Jesus Christ. My Journey of Faith Magazine is designed to help readers gather resources, ideas, comfort, and hope, as well as to embolden followers of Jesus to share their story of faith in Him in life’s unpredictable circumstances.

We welcome any who have the same conviction to encourage others to join us on the journey! If you would like to contribute an article to My Journey of Faith Magazine, please contact Carissa Hardage at We will cover a broad range of topics through out our journey and welcome wisdom, encouragement, humor…and faith stories! Thank you for joining us!