Abraham Believed God


Abraham Leaving Ur By James Tissot

Abram believed the LORD,
and he credited it to him as righteousness.

Genesis 15:6



The word, credited, carries the meaning of assigning value or putting something into someone else’s account.

Where NIV uses credited (as noted above), other versions translate this Hebrew word:

  • Counted(KJV)
  • Reckoned(NASB)

My husband, the college professor, has often been asked by his students, “Will you give me credit for this answer?” or “Can I get partial credit?”

In the old days, country doctors (and probably city doctors, too!) accepted milk or eggs in credit for services rendered.

We use the phrase, “I’ll give you credit for trying…”

It all carries the meaning of imputing something—assigning value—in place or for something else.

In this case, Abram’s belief is deemed equal to righteousness. Abram is not righteous (because he is a sinner like every other human being) but instead is declared righteous because of his belief in God.

He gets credit for his belief.

Believing—we might also call it faith—leading to righteousness may look, sound, and feel like a New Testament idea … but here we find it all the way back in the first book of the Bible!

Note that Abram was credited with righteousness by belief:

  • Before he was circumcised
  • Before the law was given (that would come 400 years later with Moses)
  • Before Christ came to earth

God’s beautiful plan to redeem us has always been the same: BELIEVE HIM.

Have you placed your faith in God? Like Abram, have you received credit to your account because of your belief?

When we place our faith in Jesus—believe Him and accept Him—our account gets credited with His righteousness. It was true for Abram then and it’s true for us now. What are you waiting for?

Laura Macfarlan