Abraham Leaves Haran By James Tissot

Scripture: “And the Lord said to Abram, “Leave your country, your relatives, and your father’s family, and go to the land I will show you.”

It takes faith to leave your home of many years even when you know where you are moving. When faced with leaving my home of many years in Arkansas in 2007 and moving to Florida, that was a difficult decision for me. And though I have coped with many adversities, I have not faced them alone.

Abraham lived in Ur of Chaldea and since Terah, Abraham’s father made and sold idols, we know God wanted Abraham out of that kind of environment. We think of Abraham as a man of faith and obedience, but he also had some flaws.

Abraham did not leave alone as instructed, but took his wife Sari, his father Terah, and nephew Lot with him. For some reason they stopped in Haran; perhaps because his father was sick: because Terah died while there.

Prayer thought: Father, give each who reads this story about Abraham the faith that can redeem the worst sinner. Jesus gave His life on the cross to make this possible; so we pray and thank You in His name. Amen.

Doris Lisemby