I am the mother of three precious adopted children;
So I know more about adoption than many women.
An adopted child has equal rights as any other one,
And adoption is forever; so it can never be undone.

Currently more individuals choose to adopt children,
And many of these become a true blessing to them.
No matter how many adopted, if given a good home,
They’ll no longer feel neglected, rejected, and alone.

God has adopted many children into His royal family;
So if one of His adopted children, forever one she’ll be.
Adoption in God’s royal family is available to everyone,
Just trust in Jesus, and become His daughter or son.

For God wants to adopt all people of the human race,
And it’s easy since it is not of good works but of grace.
We’ll be God’s heirs and joint heirs with Jesus, His Son,
And the Holy Spirit will help with the race we’re to run.

I’m thankful that God adopted me into His royal family,
And very thankful He chose a sinful individual like me.
But ere my conception, for me God had a unique plan,
And that one day I would hear and obey His command.

Heavenly Father, thanks for loving one as unlovely and sinful as I, So please help me love and serve You faithfully ’til I die. Help me share the message that Jesus loves sinful men, and died on a cruel cross of Calvary’s to forgives our sin. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen


Doris Lisemby