Albania Mountains by Zara_Graphic


Dear Jesus, sometimes I fail to express my adoration to You,
But to be like You some day is what I’m truly trying to pursue.
Thank You for gladly paying the shameful debt of sin for me,
Now my life is blessed and happier since I’ve been set free.

Father, Jesus rescued me from a life full of sin and disgrace,
And since my salvation wasn’t merited, it was by Your grace.
Although You abhor sin, You let Jesus  give His life for me:
For You sacrificed Your only Son to set sinful mankind free.

Good works had no part with God’s plan of man’s salvation,
Because we were saved according to God’s divine election.
Now that we are saved by grace; not by what we deserve,
To show appreciation to our Lord, we should willingly serve.


Heavenly Father, You know my limitations, but continue to allow me to serve You and others in a few ways. I could never repay for my salvation but in appreciation and love help me serve You. I thank You for Jesus atonement and pray in His Name. Amen.


Doris Lisemby


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