Adversities Develops Self Confidence


Readers, forgive me for using my personal life and situations to illustrate these truths, but I trust that God can use them to help you. For my life is one true example of how adversities developed confidence.

Early in life I developed a sense of low esteem and dependence on others. Usually this inferior attitude occurs during early childhood as a result of others’ negative remarks and attitudes toward a child. But that was not true in my life. Nor was it my younger sister’s fault, who is about eighteen months younger than I, but soon she overtook me in school. I didn’t fail a grade,  but I decided she was much more intelligent than I, and began depending on her for much of my school work and many other things.

Though low self esteem restricted my achievements many years, sometime after becoming a Christian I realized if I’d been the only lost person on earth, Jesus would have died just for me. Wow! what an amazing love, and that realization made a difference in my life. I was significant to Jesus!

Although my high school grades were very unimpressive, during my college education I resolved I’d prove to myself I was more capable than my high school grades indicated. And with diligent study I was successful. Then while teaching school I’d developed sufficient confidence to pursue a master’s degree; and about ten years after receiving a BSE degree I achieved the accomplishment of earning a master’s degree. But still I felt incapable of writing a  thesis. One day while at the office of the graduate dean, his secretary asked the title of my thesis, my negative response was that I could never write a thesis, and was planning to take six additional hours of work. She assured me that anyone who had achieved as much as I had in the past, could write a thesis. And I did write a thesis, and wish that woman knew how much her words of encouragement meant to me.

Ephesians 3: 12  In Him and through faith in Him we may approach God
with freedom and confidence.”

Father, as You know, it takes much time and some successes for some of Your children to gain self confidence; and then we should give You the credit and trust You not to allow self confidence to become pride. Thank You in Jesus’ precious name. Amen.


Doris Lisemby