Adversity: To Get Man’s Attention


There is an old saying that sometimes it is necessary for one to lie on her back before she will look to heaven. I remember after retirement and moving back to Arkansas soon the death angel claimed the lives of both my parents approximately six months apart. That really required some endurance and got my attention.

But I had three children and a husband who needed me; and I was fortunate to have my parents and their love all the past years. So life continued and soon all was going well: my family and I were enjoying good health, we owned a nice new house, an automobile and pick up truck, were active in our local church, and were respected in our community; so what more could one desire?

Though I had lost both parents to death since our retirement, we were continuing busy lives, and we thought that we were leaving sufficient room for God who created us and was giving us His blessings.

Then one morning while cutting a last load of firewood, my husband suffered a heart attack, and while the x-ray was being observed, it was determined the spot on his right lung was cancer.

To me cancer meant death, and none of his doctors gave us any encouragement he would get well; so definitely God had our attention.

I recall that on a certain day at nine o’clock, Ray was to receive his report from the pulmonologist, and wanted his wife and daughter to be with him. The doctor arrived, and after informing Ray that he had lung cancer, he left a pamphlet entitled Why Me, God?

That is a question throughout the centuries people have asked God, and He may not give an immediate answer. However, there are some reasons He allows adversities as we shall see this week.

Heavenly Father, when faced with adversity, some of Your children may hesitate to ask You why, but I believe You want us to share our questions with You, and trust our heavenly Father for help.


Doris Lisemby