After “I Do”

After months (or years) of planning, the big day finally comes- and then you blink and it’s over.
It’s just… gone.

Many people told me, “enjoy your wedding because it’s over in a blink of an eye!” I heard them, but I didn’t really hear them.

You feel me?

 Truthfully, I always thought, “yeah, whatever! My wedding is soo far away, it’ll take forever to get here!“ Well guess what? It got here. The wedding came and it was beautiful- I mean, stuff of fairytales! Did things go wrong like literally everyone said they would? Of course! Nonetheless, it was our day.

It was more than my husband (I love saying husband!) and I could have ever dared to dream!

Excitedly, we rushed down the rose covered sidewalk as our loved ones cheered with joy! Awaiting us was a shiny white limousine. A gentleman opened the door and we stepped into our fancy ride home- our new life together had begun. As we drove away, I looked back. Wrapped in my husbands arms, I sobbed!

I didn’t cry once during the whole day and then bang- all at once the emotions came pouring down my face. For a gal who’s never left home, this was the first time I was leaving the familiar. Boy, that was scary! 

Tears, frustration, laughter, and happiness have filled our short married life so far – and I expect will continue to.

The first day I woke up to an empty house while my husband was at work is something I’ll never forget. I thought, “… now what?” Then my husbands words to have my quiet time and make a to-do list of a what I wanted to accomplish that day came flooding back.

Sititng on our couch with coffee in hand, I stared out our window that overlooked a radiant autumn landscape. Watching the colored leaves dance in the morning light, my perspective changed. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by my new life, I felt grateful.

I felt grateful for my husband who reminded me to direct my overwhelm to the Lord in daily devotion and advised me to take one thing at a time. I felt grateful because I was finally here– I was sitting in the promise I had prayed so long for. Like autumn, it was changing times- my season had finally come.

I prayed,

“Lord, I don’t exactly know how to do this marriage thing. All I know is, it’s not about me anymore- and I know I can’t do this without you. My husband will never be my enough because he was never supposed to be. That space is only reserved for you. Lead me in my marriage. Amen.”

There’s days overwhelm creeps in leaving me a little lost. Some nights I still cry in my husbands arms because I miss home.

Can I just say, that’s okay!

Adjusting to married life is a real thing! Give yourself grace to get settled into your new life- you can be where you’ve prayed for and still feel sad sometimes.

Whether you find yourself before “I do”, after, or maybe somewhere in the middle- the Lord’s promises for your life are still yes and amen. His promises are like monuments- living reminders to our past and future selves that the Lord will fulfill what He has promised.

Our seasons will come.

What a hope to cling to! What a Savior to trust in!

“The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.” ‭‭2 Peter‬ ‭3:9‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Lenzi Rose