Andrea Lennon

Andrea fills many different roles. She is an “on the go” kind of girl who loves Jesus and shares His message of hope with those that she meets. From washing ball uniforms to speaking at women’s ministry events, Andrea embraces life and daily looks for opportunities to grow in her relationship with Jesus.

As the founder of True Vine Ministry, her passion is to encourage women to know the truth, live the truth, and share the truth. Through speaking and writing, Andrea enthusiastically shares the teachings found in the Bible and helps women to apply the Bible to the everyday aspects of life. (Like how to stop yelling at the kids and kicking the dog!)

Andrea is a 2004 graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. She has written and published Reflecting His Glory: From Conformity to Transformation, Free To Thrive: 40 Power-packed Devotions for Women on the Go, and On the Road with Ruth.

Andrea is a monthly columnist for Women’s Inc., a women’s magazine published in Central Arkansas. She has released a teaching DVD that complements Free To Thrive and a teaching DVD that complements On the Road with Ruth will be available in 2017. In addition to True Vine Ministry, Andrea serves as the Women’s Ministry Specialist for the Arkansas Baptist State Convention.

Andrea and her husband Jay live in Conway, Arkansas with their two sons, Jake and Andrew. On the weekends, you can find the Lennon family watching a ballgame, working on a school project, serving in their local church, or hiking a beautiful trail in Arkansas. Andrea travels extensively and thanks God for the opportunities to meet women, hear their stories, and teach the Bible.

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Andrea’s Faith Story

Andrea’s story coming soon.

Free To Thrive

Freedom! Just the thought of it should cause you to stop and ask the question, “Does my life reflect the freedom I have in Jesus Christ?” For every believer in Jesus Christ, the answer to this question should be a resounding, “YES!” We were created to be free. Galatians 5:1 states, “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” Right now, you can know that God offers freedom to you. No matter what situation or circumstance you are facing, you do not have to live a life just surviving. You can thrive! In Free To Thrive author Andrea Lennon presents a clear biblical picture of freedom through 40 power-packed devotions. Each devotion invites you to know and experience God’s freedom in every area of your life.


Reflecting His Glory

Do you long for a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ? Are you tired of constantly trying to measure up to the world’s definition of success? If so, allow God’s Word to transform the way you live as you embrace the call to reflect His glory. “Reflecting His Glory: From Conformity to Transformation” explores Romans 12:2. This study provides a step-by-step approach for you if you long to: * recognize conformity in your life * understand the call to spiritual transformation * establish a daily process for renewal * view God’s will from His holy perspective, not your own. Join Andrea Lennon as she leads you to discover life-changing truths that teach you how to think like Jesus, act like Jesus, and ultimately reflect the glory of Jesus Christ. Come away from this study changed, living for God’s glory not your own.



Her Journey: Ruth stood on the road between Moab and Bethlehem and considered two very different lives. A life that had been and a life that could be. The choice she made echoes down to our age. Ruth’s story is riveting. It is full of heartbreak, loss, healing, and soul-deep restoration. Throughout her story, we see how Ruth chose to follow the One True God and to trust Him even when life did not make sense. Our Journey: Daily we stand in the middle of our roads and make decisions that shape our lives. Sometimes the choices are made during moments of difficulty and pain. Other times the choices are made during moments of clarity and calm. No matter the road that we face, we can know that God is in control and that He has a plan for our lives. In this book, we will study the story of Ruth. Along the way, we will examine our own stories. Come along on this journey and discover how you can live a life that honors God through: * The right set of beliefs * Christ-like character qualities * An eternal perspective during uncertain times