Our heavenly Father provides for the birds and animals we see;
Therefore, we know He will adequately provide for you and me.
He is aware of every little sparrow which falls upon the ground,
And He will supply all our needs when no other help is found.

God made provision for every living creature in His divine plan:
Ere He created them by His almighty, but loving majestic hand.
He provides us with ample water supply and enough food to eat,
And gives necessary shelter to protect from rain, cold, and heat.

Then God created mankind in in His unique and marvelous way:
He created him with lungs to breathe the fresh, pure air each day,
And gave him hearts to supply blood and minds His will to know;
So when man’s life is properly nourished, it will continue to grow.

God has shown me in many magnificent ways that He truly cares:
In addition to enough food, He provides shelter and clothes to wear.
He even knows the exact number of gray hairs growing on my head,
Therefore, I can trust my Father with anything through which I’m led.

So Father, help me never again become anxious, worry, and fret:
Because always necessities of life my Lord has abundantly met.
Therefore, I feel confident that He will meet my every need this day,
And I shall gratefully give God praise and thanks as to Him I pray.

Heavenly Father, what a privilege to be one of Your children and to know every need will be provided. Thank You for loving and providing so adequately for your children. Amen.


Doris Lisemby

The image is released free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0.