Are You Worried in Your Wilderness?

Numbers 11:23

God answered Moses, “So do you think I can’t take care of you?”

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I was up early as usual deep in prayer and in my devotional time with God thinking about what we are experiencing not only as a nation but as a globe and all I can say is that we are in a testing season. I committed this year to read through the Bible again, this time in the Message version and it just so happened, well I should say by divine guidance that today’s message is from Numbers 11-14 and Psalm 33. I challenge you to read this through in its entirety but in a nut shell, the words in the text speaks of a time when the people of Israel, led out of Egypt are in a wilderness, a testing season, a season that we are experiencing now as a world.

As I read this through, I have to admit that I wanted to put it aside, not ready to dig in, but my mourning spirit longed to know more to reflect and apply what I am reading to my personal life as I know that God’s Word is living and if He is directing me to read something in particular, it is for me to use and understand for myself and perhaps for others. You see, during these times, the people of Israel were complaining, doubting God and all that He is capable of doing, even though He came through for them in so many ways, day after day, month after month, year after year.

Their posture struck me or convicted me in a way as I thought about recent times when my flesh wanted me to worry, which is so easy to do right now, trust me, I get it. I have to train my mind to remove any thoughts that are out of alignment to what His Word says. As I kept reading, I came up on a sentence where God, speaking directly to Moses asks “So, do you think I can’t take care of you?” (Numbers 11:23 MSG) and the words jumped out at me like a teleprompter. I then felt the urge to write which usually means that someone else like me needs to think about what God is asking especially now.

So as we try to take our wilderness season one day at a time, think about the question God posed to Moses and apply it to your own life. Do you really believe in what He is capable of doing in your life? Do you really trust Him with everything? Do you really believe that He will take care of you? I think we all must position ourselves and realize that what is happening is out of our control, but there is something we can control: our thoughts, belief and will. I urge you as I am urging myself, believe GOD for what you need. He will provide for you. He knows what will happen from the beginning to the end.

When things around you start to fall apart and people begin to show their true selves and the man made infrastructure begins to crumble, press in, remain obedient, have faith, get on your knees and pray, submit to His leading and follow Him all the way.

Stay Encouraged.

Natalie Ragland-Bedford