Landscape by Arthur Mordvinov



Dear heavenly Father, when all around me the beauties I see,
I stand in amazement at Your marvelous creation around me.
It’s awesome that a holy God can love sinful woman and man,
And always be willing and ready to lend them a helping hand.

At night when I view the luminous moon and star-studded sky.
I am truly thankful a loving God takes note of one as lowly as I.
But every living creature of our Lord has significance unto Him,
He proved that by allowing His Son Jesus to die for sinful men.

Lord, I do not serve You out of fear but out of reverential awe,
And I am very thankful we live under grace and not the Law.
If allowed, the Holy Spirit will give others the love I’m to share.
Then they will receive my love from God and know I truly care.

Father, it is truly amazing that You love an individual like me,
And continue refining my life to become a little more like Thee.
So in spite of temptations and trials, and what man has to say,
I determine with God’s help, I will continue serving each day.


Heavenly Father, Satan realizes my time on earth is coming to
a close, and he appears to be working overtime to keep me from
accomplishing all I am to do. Please grant me strength and
faith to keep serving You faithfully. I pray in Jesus’s Name. Amen.

Doris Lisemby


The image is released free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0.