Baby It’s Cold Outside




The seasons are changing.  The days are getting shorter.  The temperature is dropping.  Dorothy, we aren’t in Kansas anymore.  Yes, summer has officially ended and here in Pennsylvania Fall is in full swing. The temperature outside reveals the temperature inside.

In the mornings inside the house it feels so cold until we step outside.  We can better feel the warmth inside.  We can be deceived of our current condition.  We can be warm when we thought we were hot or cold when we thought we were warm.  It takes a climate change to reveal the real and truly show us our current condition.

Revelation 3: 15-16 Passion Translation
“15 I know all that you do, and I know that you are neither frozen in apathy nor fervent with passion. How I wish you were either one or the other!  16 But because you are neither cold nor hot, but lukewarm, I am about to spit you from my mouth. 

When we get around hot on fire for Christ Christians, we feel our lukewarm state.  Listen, I am not comparing so don’t go that route, but it takes a climate change to show us our current condition. Sometimes we have to get around others who are filled with zeal and fire for the things of God.  Don’t condemn yourself.  We all get caught in the flow from time to time and just go with it but God wants you to get back on fire and passionately pursue Him.

Saying you love Jesus but not living like it is lukewarm Christianity.  I say this because I know.  Our greatest struggle becomes our testimony and ministry opportunity.  I had heard that my entire walk.  But slowly over time I got tired and I stopped prophesying over my marriage, speaking the Word of Truth about it and shamefully even stopped praying about it. But I loved God.  I truly did but my life wasn’t reflecting that because I had stopped believing Him, believing His words for my marriage.  So I had literally sat back in a slumber as the enemy robbed my house. He stole jobs, he stole friends, he stole our church and even began stealing our children, our home and the man that I loved.  And I didn’t even fight back.

It took a climate change fro me to have eyes to see I was simply lukewarm.  I loved God but my actions showed I wasn’t believing Him.  I had a dinner date with a friend whom I love dearly.  We have the same fiery  passion and love for Christ.  But when she sat across the table and started talking about hope.  It was like she took my heart and laid it upon a bible and it began reflecting like a mirror. Although at that time, I thought I still had fiery passion, I could clearly see in that moment that without hope I was merely lukewarm. I was following but no longer chasing after Him.  Right there I experienced a climate change. I was like those who too had no hope for my marriage, those not believing His word or power to change or transform my marriage.

Right there I realized I had let hope die. Now there need be no condemnation because guess what, God came after me and said in Me there is always hope.  He saw that I had become lukewarm and set to show me my heart and to see me hot after Him again. I met Jesus through my friend, right there in the restaurant.  The climate changed and it drew me out of the slumber I was in.  We are to be releasers of hope and that is what she did for me.

Day by day things began to change in my marriage after that and continues to each day even now. When we are going through things it is easy to pull back and surround ourselves with what feels good and easy. For me it led to being lukewarm.  We need a climate change. We need to get around other passionate fiery women so that we stay on fire even in the midst of turmoil.  She brought Hope to dinner that night and His name was Jesus.  He revealed my heart and showed me how to turn it around.

Ladies, I want to encourage you to get around others so Jesus can show you your heart.  It is easy to get caught up and become lukewarm but He wants us to live our best Christ life and be on fire no matter what circumstances come our way.  Do not be condemned if this has happened to you like it did me, be thankful that God is ready to restore hope and reveal your heart.   He chases after us and knows us best.  Let God make you aware of your heart and ask Him to set you ablaze again and lead you on that path. And just like the day I opened the door and felt the cool air and became immediately aware, I pray this happens to you. And as it does, I am believing God is going to reveal hope to you.  Hope that is going to be like fuel.  As it washes over your heart, your fire and passion will burn bright again.


Heart After His,

Sheila Picard