Back To Your Roots

Over the past few weeks, I have been so busy and distracted that I felt a loss of creativity when I would write.  So last Sunday morning, I felt a need to get back to my roots. I grabbed my pen, journal and my travel mug of coffee, jumped in the 4 runner and headed off to the area where I grew up.

There is a bridge I absolutely love not far from where my grandmother and aunts lived.  I used to drive down the old dirt road that lead under the bridge by the river. There was a large rock on the river bank almost underneath the bridge.  I remember always going there to think. So I headed “down river” to see if I could reconnect.

As I arrived I was shocked. Wow, had things changed. The area is now a recreational and boat launch area.  I drove down what is now a gravel road, parked my 4 runner and quickly went searching for that old rock. Sadly, the old rock was gone but I was able to find an old tree along the river bank that provided a place to sit. 

It was cold and there was a breeze blowing.  I could see my breath as I breathed.  Even the rocks beneath me felt cold. My lukewarm coffee in hand now seems hot again as I get settled.  In a matter of moments in that place, my pen takes to the paper and words that seemed hard only but an hour before now seem to flow with great ease just like the river is flowing.

I sat thinking about how I grew up in this place.  I thought of friends and family from the past that are coming back into my present. I swam and boated here. I have many family memories and so many great friends. As I sat reminiscing I realized I was drawing from my roots.  I was pulling the inspiration I needed from deep in my past. I had that ah-ha moment. Our past is where we get passion for our present.  Going back to our roots or revisiting a past place, memory or situation could inspire us in our present. But it is up to us if we use it for our betterment or detriment.

Sometimes we must go back to our roots.  Sometimes when we need to find that thing deep inside us, we must reconnect with what cultivated it. I love revisiting the past.  I love remembering where I was and what I have done, how God has helped me to overcome.

When I feel dry in my writing I sit and read past writings. I get all my old journals out and read things I wrote.  I love reading what God spoke to me, dreams I had or thoughts I was pondering. Through the years this is how I stirred myself up or found inspiration when I needed it.

Sometime in our relationship with God, we must go back to our roots and reconnect.  Remembering our salvation, different milestones and specific things God has done has inspired us and helped us to stir up our passion again. In our walk we must remember to always return back to our first love.

“But I have this against you: you have abandoned the passionate love you had for me at the beginning. Think about how far you have fallen! Repent and do the works of love you did at first. I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place of influence if you do not repent.” ‭‭Revelation‬ ‭2: 4-5‬ ‭#TPT

Going down river that day helped me to reconnect with my past but to also reconnect with God. By going back I actually was able to launch further into the present.  I left there feeling stirred and filled with passion again.

Remember when life feels stuck or your passion seems lost make time to revisit your roots with God.  Either go to a physical place or sit and recall old memories and reconnect. Draw from those roots and watch what happens in your present.

At His Feet,

Sheila Millinder