Be Faithful and Delight in God

I believe including David’s faithfulness as a trait in his formula for security, indicates it is not an inborn trait. Even after faith is exercised, it can grow. A farmer or gardener can not cultivate plants until seeds sprout and come through the ground. Neither can an individual become faithful until after the seed of faith was planted in her heart. So faith planted in the believer’s heart at salvation needs to be cultivated in the believer’s life through service so it will grow.

The word faithfulness isn’t listed as part of the fruit of the Holy Spirit; however, these traits of steadfastness, reliability, trustworthiness, constancy, and conscientiousness are each akin to faithfulness and commendable qualities.

Jesus Teaches the People by the Sea by James Tissot

Once Jesus, after giving the Parable of Talents said of the man who did not put his one talent to good use,

“Take the money from this man with the one talent and give it to the one with ten thousand dollars: for the man who uses what he is given shall be given more, and he that is unfaithful, even what responsibility he has shall be taken from him. ”  Matthew 25: 28-29

And we should delight in serving God; it should never be considered just a duty to be done.  Those who have served on church committees to select workers to serve through various activities of the church, know how difficult it is to find workers willing to serve. Perhaps two of the most often excuses given are: I don’t have time; I am not qualified. In answer to the first excuse is that we all have the same amount of time in our lives, and remind those who use the second excuse of this promise:

“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God has before ordained, that we should walk in them.”  Ephesians 2: 10

So before refusing a request to serve, agree to sincerely pray about the matter. If God is calling you to a certain place of service, He will equip you for that work and you will delight in serving. After joining First Baptist Church Windermere, I served as a Sunday morning greeter at the back door to our worship center for awhile. I really enjoyed that privilege, but my current health condition makes it impossible to be regular in attendance, and I do not need to be around any who have respiratory illnesses including colds.


Father, it has been a delight to serve you these many years; I have made many mistakes for which I ask Your forgiveness. Though not regular in attendance any more, I listen to good sermons on television, write and read devotionals, read inspiring materials, and so far prepare material and when able, teach one Sunday most months. You are so gracious to allow me these delights. I praise and thank You in Jesus Name. Amen.


Doris Lisemby


Painting by James Tissot “Jesus Teaches the People By the Sea” in Public Domain 

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