Being a Superwoman

Tonight, I am sitting writing this blog as I listen to the rain. It has been raining all day. To busy Moms it’s a wonderful time. Rain means no soccer practice or baseball games, it means that we get to take a short little breath and get caught up on the other things that we have neglected. It allows me for the first time in several weeks, to get the kids to bed on time and sit down with my thoughts and express them to you. To imagine, to wonder, to think…in quiet…

Sometimes I wonder, if it is possible to do everything we are suppose to do. In essence, be “Superwoman” with a big gold “S” stitched across our chest. What does it mean to be Superwoman? That’s easy most women can answer that question. We are to have the perfect home, kids, marriage, and career; be totally connected and assessable at all times, being sure to have a cell phone, Facebook account and Twitter regularly. We have to have our quiet times daily, serve on all the committees both at church and in our community, be at church on time every time the door opens, of course with kids in tow and dressed to the nine. Be at work on time and be fantastic at what we do. And we must always remember to have on earrings, lipstick and a smile.

But what happens if one day we forget our earrings or heaven forbid, we put on two different colored shoes (I know, we’ve all done it!)? We fail, we don’t meet the demands of being a hero, and it feels like you have let everyone down including ourselves. There are always those encouraging words that are said, unfortunately not to you but behind you, “Oh that poor girl, bless her heart she is just overwhelmed”. “Her kids are…” or “her husband just doesn’t…” or maybe even “if she would just get organized she could…” People always have a lot of opinions and never fall short on giving advice, but is that what we need? God says in Matthew 6: 33 “Seek first his kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well”.

What God did not say in Matthew was to look like Superwomen first and give God the time you have left over. Give Him the rainy evenings when the kids are in bed. No, God wants us first; He then can provide everything else.

So, the question of the evening; is Superwomen obtainable, it seems like I see her every once in a while. A glimpse here, a smile there, on the street in high heel shoes with a perfect figure and an expensive suit. Could it be possible that these women just like me are hanging on by the skin of their teeth? Could they feel just as out of control and trapped by the stereotype as I do? If it’s true they certainly don’t show it; and how is that possible? Oh, but it is possible. You see as Christians we are all working toward the same goal, sometimes we just get distracted. To quote my favorite verse, Philippians 4: 13I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”  So pray.  Pray to be Superwoman, but please don’t be mistaken. His definition of Superwomen is much better than yours.


Beth Shumate