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Journey through Exodus: God’s Sovereign Plan for Deliverance



Join us for Journey through Exodus: God’s Sovereign Plan for Deliverance

You may access the lessons under Exodus under Bible Studies or click on the lesson link below. Study the lesson passages, watch the lesson videos and take a quick quiz. Discussion questions are posted for your convenience.  Use the questions for individual reflection or with a small group.    If you have further questions or comments, please email Sandra at….


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Lesson Links:

Lesson 1: Exodus Overview

Lesson 2 : Exodus 1-2: 10

Lesson 3: Exodus 2: 11-4: 31

Lesson 4: Exodus 5-7

Lesson 5: Exodus 7: 14-11: 10

Lesson 6: Exodus 12-13

Lesson 7: Exodus 14-15

Lesson 8: Exodus 16-18

Lesson 9: Exodus 19-20

Lesson 10: Exodus 21-24

Lesson 11: Exodus 25-28

Lesson 12: Exodus 29-31

Lesson 13: Exodus 32-34

Lesson 14: Exodus 35-40