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Journey through Genesis: God’s Sovereign Plan for Man-sponsored by 1st Baptist Church, Bismarck, AR

 completed in May, 2013

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Lessons 1-33 were recorded during a live videoconference using Adobe Connect.

Lessons 34-50 were video recorded and posted on this website. Hope you enjoy the archived lessons.


Sandra Hardage



“Connected!” Online Bible Study
Taught by Sandra Hardage
1st Baptist Church, Bismarck, AR

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Genesis Lessons Recorded using Adobe Connect via videoconference

Lesson 1
Genesis 1:1
Who Is God?
Lesson 2:

The Holiness of God



Lesson 3:

God’s Holy Word



Lesson 4:
The Names of God
Names of God
Names of God Video


Lesson 5:
Genesis 1

Genesis Creation video

Lesson 6:
Genesis 2

Adam and Eve


Lesson 7:
Genesis 3
Sin and the Fall
Lesson 8:
Genesis 4-6

Consequences of Sin


Lesson 9:
Genesis 7-10

Noah and the Flood


Lesson 10:
Genesis 11

Tower of Babel


Lesson 11:
Genesis 12-13
The Call of Abraham
The Call of Abraham


Lesson 12:
Genesis 12:4-5, 13:1-16,
14:1-17, 18:16-33, 19:1-32

The Nephew of Abraham


Lesson 13:

Faith and Abraham



Lesson 14:
Genesis 15

The Abrahamic Covenant



Lesson 15:
Genesis 16

Abraham, Sarah and Hagar


Lesson 16:
Genesis 17
The Covenant Promise

The Sign of Circumcision Handout

Lesson 17:
Genesis 18:1-15; Genesis 20;
Genesis 21:1-7
Visitors for Dinner,
Sister Act II and

the Promise Fulfilled

Lesson 18:
Genesis 21 and 22

The Testing of Abraham



Lesson 19:
Review Genesis 21-22
Walking by Faith

Walking by Faith Handout


Lesson 20:
Genesis 23-24

A Wife for Isaac



Lesson 21:
Genesis 25

Children of Abraham


Lesson 22:
Genesis 26:

The Faith of Isaac


Lesson 23:
Genesis 27-28:1-9

The Stolen Blessing


Lesson 24:
Genesis 28:10-22, Genesis 29

Jacob the Deceiver


Lesson 25:
Genesis 29:29-35, Genesis 30:1-25

Sibling Rivalry



Lesson 26:
Genesis 30:25-43,
Genesis 31

Father-in-Law Trouble


Lesson 27:
Genesis 32-33

Reunion of Brothers



Lesson 28:
Genesis 34-35:1-15

Family Troubles Again!



Lesson 29:
Genesis 35: 16-17, Genesis 36

Rachel, Jacob and Esau’s Sons



Lesson 30:
Genesis 37:1-11

Joseph and His Dreams



Lesson 31:
Genesis 37:12-36
In the Pit

In the Pit Handout


Lesson 32:
Genesis 38

Judah and Tamar



Lesson 33:
Genesis 39

Sold into Slavery



Genesis Lessons presented by video

Lesson 34:
Genesis 40
Prison Life Video
Lesson 35:
Genesis 41:1-46
Pharaoh’s Dreams Video
Lesson 36:
Genesis 41:46-57
Genesis 47:14-24
Vizier of Egypt Video
Lesson 37:
Genesis 42
Encounter with the Brothers Video
Lesson 38:
Genesis 43
2nd Journey to Egypt Video
Lesson 39:
Genesis 44
The Final Test Video
The Final Test Handout
Lesson 40:
Genesis 45
Joseph Reveals His Identity Video
Joseph Reveals Himself Handout
Lesson 41:
Genesis 46-47
The Reunion Video
Lesson 42:
Genesis 48-49
Jacob’s Blessings Video
Jacob’s Blessings Handout
Lesson 43:
Genesis 50
Joseph’s Final Days Video
Joseph’s Final Days Handout