Birth Marks and the “Heart Parts”

My family and I have conversations about strange things. I’ve always enjoyed listening to my kids and how their minds work in comparison of my own. During a recent road trip, the topic of the moment was birth marks. I named each and the location. The kids were a bit “weirded out” for lack of a better vocabulary and to quote the teen gibberish of the time. I was immediately hit with stinging darts as to how I can remember the shapes and locations of such as birth marks but often can’t recall the correct sibling’s name or who likes ketchup on burgers and who does not. They laughed and poked a bit of fun when I recalled [in great mom detail] the hours spent as a new mother soaking up and studying every tiny ounce of them. I smiled and assured them that one day, they too, will soak it up just as I once had.

Naps came into play and silence settled in. My mind still on the topic. As a new mother, we study and observe inches and inches of our children. We hold, touch, and absorb every tiny detail of their physical bodies. Only, the most valuable function is not touchable. Their hearts. God prepared His house in our children knowing full well the heart is the storage room of all things emotion. Emotions are strong and can direct the body to almost anything. Do you recall an ugly purse maybe that you just HAD to own? Maybe that purse was about fifty bucks over your thin budget. Yep, that was an emotion! The heart is a safe place that collects dreams, fears, happiness and hurt. It’s private to all; all, but not God. God protects us mothers by not allowing access to our children’s hearts. We’re not equipped. Physical well-being is difficult enough. School clothes shopping alone causes melt-downs and tears. Consider a scenario- a pre-teen daughter not getting quality time in a popular make-up chain after a full day of shopping which may or may not equal tears and a not so-shareable mom moment. You see, God knows full well what we can and can not handle. The physical needs of my children are one thing; their hearts another. God set limits for us as parents.  The heart is His; we’re not equipped to handle the “heart part”.

Ezekiel 36: 27 I will put My Spirit within you and cause you to walk in My statutes, and you will be careful to observe My ordinances.


Jenny Stafford