Burning Bones

Day by Day Devotions

Jeremiah 20:9  “...But His word was in my heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones...”

I remember the first time I really related to that portion of the verse! I had been working on my ministry for a while, and there were all of these things just spilling out, and I just wanted to share what the Lord was saying and doing with everybody! It was such an exciting season! I spent every bit of my extra time working on this great task that I was honored to have been given!

When you set out with God to accomplish His will for your life (don’t forget that you have to do this with Him!), don’t be afraid when you feel like it’s consuming you.  Don’t ever let your calling become more important than the One who placed it on you, but as He prepares you for what He has in store, you can easily, and readily, devote every spare minute to whatever work is required.


Tori Gay