By Faith



Scripture Reading: Hebrews 11

For some reason I woke up this morning an hour earlier than I normally do. I then tried to will myself back to sleep but felt the urging to get up and get my day going. During this season in my life, when I sense the need to do something, I have learned to be obedient. As I become more discerning, I realize that is the Holy Spirit speaking into me and I just need to obey the call. Little did I know that the longing to write this morning would wash over me as I read my daily bible passage as part of my morning devotional time with God.

I have recently felt an inner stirring, an unrest and a sense of uneasiness within in me that made me question where I am in my walk and not feeling like I am doing enough or that I am drifting a bit from where I am supposed to be in Him. I then realized that my faith had been tested in recent months that has been slowly chipping away at my heart’s desires and slowly affecting my connection with my heavenly Father.  I mean in my head, I know God has me covered and I know that He will provide me with the tools and strategy to be able to serve His purpose, but I was wavering in the faith part because of my lack of belief and because of my impatience.

And then this happened this morning drawing me closer to Him as I attempted to dissect the meaning behind the message of this scripture reading. As I kept reading, two words kept jumping out at me: “by faith.” As I read it for the first time, I highlighted it, then saw those two words again and highlighted it and then repeated over and over again until after fifteen times, I heard Him speak into me those two words, “by faith”. If Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses’ parents, Moses, the people of Israel and Rahab used their faith in Him to keep going and go through their journey, then so can we.

It’s funny how God reveals something to you when He does; if you are listening. I circled back to something I did yesterday that solidified this morning that He was showing me things directly. I went to the gym yesterday morning and started an online sermon from a pastor I frequently listen to. He started the message and actually asked the audience if anyone wanted to ask God for increased faith. For some reason, I stopped that sermon and searched for another one because I wanted to save that message for this morning’s run to truly listen. I was saving the faith message but He was preparing the message for me to receive in a different way so that all of my spiritual senses would be completely open to write about.

I am not sure who this is for besides me, but if you are struggling in your faith or need a reminder of those who relied in their faith to do the will of God, then read this scripture passage and ask God to increase your faith in your season of doubt. There is too much at stake not to. We are literally in a spiritual battle each day and if our faith is not strong in Him, then we begin to doubt what He can do which creates confusion in our life especially when we experience trouble or lack.

Our faith in Him can be the very thing that opens us up to receive what we need when we need it. Our faith produces confidence that things are going to work out and our faith provides clarity in our journey. We cannot please God without faith (Hebrews 11:6), so “by faith” should be part of our daily experience. I pray that you and I can walk in our faith with boldness and intent, remembering all that He has done for us and knowing that there is so much more in store, but we have to do our part. We have to have FAITH.


Natalie Ragland Bedford