By Love

Scripture: John 13:35 – “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” (ESV)

Message: “That girl taught me more about love in three days than I had ever known.” – A church camp volunteer

That’s the legacy that Lila Kate left upon this big beautiful world that is tainted with the nastiness of sin. The young boy who made this comment was a church camp volunteer who the McAlisters were apparently a host family for one summer. During his short stay, he experienced in a big way that of which we all crave. Love. He experienced the “Lila Kate love.” The love of which her daddy line goes along with these words; “Lila‘s love didn’t say no, Lila’s love didn’t say maybe. Lila‘s love was simply love.”

Yes, of course she had her moments (like us all) like the instances when she told Thomas “I mad” or the instances of her repeatedly pulling off her oxygen right after mom or dad finished reapplying the stickers. She was a typical child who threw fits when told “no” of which was a word highly used in her vocabulary. She went through the phases of pulling glasses off of other beautiful faces. I remember her daddy literally getting himself “Lila-proof glasses” which did the trick for at least himself! We used the phrase “hands down” when Lila reached for our glasses and we would say the words as we firmly lowered her hands away from our face.

But when people think of Lila, most automatically recall that small yet powerful four letter word of which Our Savior serves as the ultimate example that has ever shown to mankind. None will ever fill His shoes. Nor needs to because what He accomplished through his cross and his resurrection will always be enough. I as His child can rest assured in that unfailing, unwavering, and unending love but at the same sentence I realize He commands repeatedly that we love others. In fact love is to be a mark of His children, the way we love others is what will show others that we belong to Him (John 13:35). Jesus doesn’t love us simply for us to love ourselves more and more but Jesus loves us for us to love others more and more. His love for us should overflow with love for others.

Call to action: How can you go out of your way today to show love for another soul?

Allie Breitenberg