Calling the Working





For a decade I worked for a local Ford dealership, and for the most part I enjoyed my job. I was able to start a department and do things in the booming Internet age that had never been done in the dealership before. Still, in the midst of my working days, something nagged at me — a longing for something more.

Perhaps your work completely fulfills you. After all, God created us to work, even before the Fall. But perhaps, something else nags deeper. Is it a hidden passion? A dream you’ve never realized?  I’ve felt those feelings, desperate for change. That’s why when I look at Scripture and the common thread of when God called individual people, I find hope.

At the time of his call, Moses was busy tending sheep. So was David. Gideon was threshing wheat. Elisha was plowing. Peter, James, and John were fishing. We see this pattern in other parts of Scripture, too. God calls people who are busy, working in the mundane, to the best of their ability.

In times where we seem to be waiting on God, what do these examples teach us about our faithfulness to our work? Are we to sit on our hands and wait for the Lord? Or are we to be busy about His work as we wait for His sovereign timing?

Though your story likely won’t mirror mine, I can’t leave this topic without sharing God’s faithfulness. Now that I’m writing Bible studies and doing what I’ve longed to do for years, I see how even in the midst of my mundane work God was preparing me. The striking similarities of what I do now on a day-to-day basis compared to what I had been trained to do in my job astound me.

Whatever your story is, trust that even in the mundane, God is using you. Whether He is using you to share His love with coworkers or children at home, or whether He’s maturing you and equipping you for a future work, you can trust Him.

Keep busy, trust God, and wait for His timing.

Is there an area you find yourself dissatisfied? Do you feel led to do something about it? Or do you need to resolve to remain faithful in your work while you’re waiting?


Jill McSheehy