Meet “Carol Middlekauff”

Born in Amarillo, Texas, Carol stands five feet tall, 110 pounds, with green eyes, chin-length gray hair, and glasses. She’s just an ordinary person. Born again at age 15, and prodigal for a few years, she’s now getting a steady diet of Christian radio (KHCB radio out of Houston), Bible reading, and other teaching and steadily maturing in her Christian faith.

Carol and her artist husband Chuck now live in Austin, Texas. She received a teaching degree from the University of Texas. And though she started out to be a teacher, she ended up in the insurance business. Now retired after 30 years of helping to make commercial insurance coverages palatable, she and Chuck (also ordinary), head out from their home in Austin, Texas, looking for chances to share their faith and trust in, and love for, Jesus Christ.

It happens as they go along, at gas stations, grocery stores, Walmart, hotels, laundromats, as well as in jails. Frequent car trips also take them down lots of roads to many of the U.S. national parks, to galleries that carry Chuck’s artwork, and to other examples of God’s work on mountains, canyons, trees, valleys, and oceans. Because Chuck thinks of travel as a verb—you must keep moving—they have tons of chances to meet new people, and hundreds of divine appointments. Since 2006, they’ve also been going into prisons, jails, and juvenile detention facilities, telling people about Jesus with the folks from Bill Glass Behind the Walls prison ministry and the Ring of Champions juvenile mentoring ministry.

Starting with letters and photos to share travels with her mother and grandmother, she’s been an incurable writer, editor, photographer, and traveler. You may have seen her writing and photography in travel, profile, and insurance articles in publications such as American Cowboy, New Mexico, or Rough Notes and Resources (for insurance and risk management professionals), and other magazines, or the Dallas Morning News, Kansas City Star, Boston Herald, San Jose Mercury News, New Orleans Picayune, and other newspapers. With God’s amazing hand, she also wrote a Sunday travel column for the Longmont, Colorado, Daily Times-Call newspaper for five years.

And she’s written a Christian evangelism-training book, Take Someone with You to Heaven. It will inspire and encourage you to share your faith through Chuck and Carol’s real stories, more than 100 scriptures, and lots of personal challenges.

Make sure you’re ready for heaven. And take someone with you. If you’re not sure where you will spend eternity or have questions, read Take Someone with You to Heaven, or check out



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Carol’s Faith Story

I was raised in church in Amarillo, Texas, getting my diaper changed in the church nursery, attending children’s Sunday school and vacation Bible school, squirming through “big church,” stammering a line in the Christmas play, and eventually joining the church and hanging out with other teens in the church’s youth group on Sunday afternoons. Even so, I had never grasped the reality that Christ died for my sins and that I had to receive His gift of salvation personally. I guess I thought I was a Christian because I went to church.
When I was about fifteen, a new minister invited the youth group to a special event at the Amarillo Arena. The arena was at the fairgrounds, and usually held the trappings of rodeos, stock shows, or country music. On this night, as I climbed the steps to the highest level, I saw a big banner: “Billy Graham Crusade.” Grady Wilson and others from Billy Graham’s team had come to tell me about God’s simple plan: personal faith and trust in Jesus alone for salvation.
I can’t remember who went along, how we got there, or exactly what Grady Wilson said. All I know is—despite my timidity about doing anything in front of people, and without even thinking who else was going down with me or how I might find my group and get home—when they sang, “Just as I am, I come, I come,” I walked right down all those steep steps and onto the arena floor. With hundreds of others, I prayed to accept Jesus’ forgiveness, and I asked Him to be my personal Lord and Savior.
After that night, slowly—because, like a dumb sheep, I sometimes wandered away from God—but surely, God started working in my life. 

Take Someone with You to Heaven

“How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news . . . ” (Isaiah 52:7, NKJV) If you have been chicken to share your faith so far, this book will encourage you to stop your sin of silence and start enjoying a new fullness in Christ, experiencing the joy that comes from truly following Him. -Bill Fay, Evangelist and Author of Share Jesus without Fear Your heart will be set on fire with a holy passion for souls as you read story after story of how God uses a faithful, available, intentional witness for His glory. -Dr. Michael S. Lewis, North American Missions Board Carol Middlekauff has written the stories of some of her encounters as she has shared her faith so you can appreciate how easy it is to tell people about Jesus. It happens when you realize that God does all the work, and all you have to do is show up. -Bill Glass, Founder of Bill Glass Champions for Life prison ministry Anyone can share their faith with others. That’s the message Carol Middlekauff delivers in her account of the many divine appointments God has given her. You will be encouraged by her real-life stories and motivated by her challenge. -John Sorensen, President, Evangelism Explosion International