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Carolyn’s world was shattered after receiving the disappointing news that her husband was suffering from cancer.   She writes, “This unexpected announcement knocked the breath right out of me.  It was certainly a blow that I wasn’t prepared for.”  Facing one of the most tragic experiences of her life, there were times she questioned her own survival.  Through her pain and struggle, Carolyn eventually found a path of restoration.   Her life is living proof that her “Divine Connection with God” was the path that gave her what she needed in order to experience His healing power.

Carolyn Crow continues in the pursuit of helping people find their way to a better life.  A native of Gurdon,  Arkansas, made her commitment to Christ as a teenager, and since then she has had a heart for loving God and serving people.

She is the founder and writer of “Divine Connection” A Woman’s Devotion.  In each of her devotionals you will find that she has a story to tell.  In her stories she shares her personal experiences while paving a pathway of encouragement and hope to people from all walks of life.

A gifted musician, songwriter and Bible teacher, thus receiving her Bible training from Rhema Bible College in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and World Harvest Bible College of Columbus, OH.

Carolyn is the is the widow of the late Joe Keith Crow, founder and formal pastor of Word of Faith Christian Center.  She is also the mother of two children, Travonn and Ebonee (Calvin).

Though she still copes with loss, Carolyn also lives with incredible joy.  She continues to inspire and encourage others while assuring them they will never have to walk this journey alone.

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Carolyn’s Faith Story

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My Divine Connection with God

In January of 2009, Carolyn Crow’s world was shattered in a matter of minutes. As her husband, Joe, slept in his hospital bed, Carolyn met with his doctor and received an unexpected announcement: Joe had aggressive bladder cancer. Suddenly, Carolyn’s life was diverted from its course as she and Joe faced the unknown with just one weapon: their unwavering faith in God. In her devotional, she highlights her up-and-down moments and describes how God sustained her during a tragic experience. Carolyn candidly recalls her pain as she helplessly watched her husband suffer and her joy at witnessing him demonstrate his faith until his last days; she also shares how she eventually found a path of restoration as she learned to live without her husband of thirty-one years. As she walked on a seemingly never-ending path of grief and sought answers to her many questions, Carolyn relied on her divine connection with God to experience his healing power, rediscover herself, and embrace a joyful life again. Included with her powerful, heartfelt devotionals are applicable Scriptures and room for personal reflections. My Divine Connection with God shares a message of hope and healing that encourages anyone facing life-changing challenges to remember that God is good, steadfast, and always present.