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God Wants To Speak To Your Heart

I dreamed about my sister the other night. She was so elegant and beautiful. She appeared as her young self in my dream. Even so, she was married and my brother in law was in the dream as well. We walked through her house together and that was about all the dream it was. When I woke up I felt it was so precious to be with her. Oh beloved, what is the Lord speaking? Why do we dream dreams? Because God wants to speak to our hearts. Why dream about someone who is long gone to heaven? God wants …

Unify Online Event Registration

Free Registration for our October 1 Unify Online Event beginning at 6:00 pm.  For access to the live streaming event click here: Register below to gain access to all the content from the one night event. All videos of the event will be individually available for viewing.       Registration made available through My Journey of Faith Ministries

Laura MacFarland’s New Study

Join Laura Macfarlan shares news about her new 4 week study in Psalms.  To sigh up Go here to subscribe to the Cross My Heart Ministry YouTube channel (it’s totally free!): Then check back on May 8 (or later) to watch the Introduction to the Study. Download the free Bible study here: Complete the daily questions on your own.  It is available in both pdf or Word format. You can even write out the answers on your own paper if you don’t have access to a printer. Take your time with these. Think. Pray. Ask God to teach …


Deb Rice introduces us to Christian woman who will share words of encouragement to you as we begin a series entitled “Reset” as we journey through these turbulent times.

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Your Ministry Reach

        If you have a Christian blog, a website, social media, or any other means of delivering your faith in Jesus Christ, your witness can be seen world-wide.  The internet reaches many more than you realize.  If a country has internet availability, your words and videos can be viewed. You have an opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. My Journey of Faith Ministries recently had the privilege of sharing some of our “Tell Your Story” videos with a women’s conference in the Congo.  These precious women yearn for more about Jesus and how He works …

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“I’m wilting.”Two words I recently told a friend.  They were out of my mouth before I even had a chance to realize what I was saying.  But after the words were out, I couldn’t quit thinking about the state I was in. I was wilting. Wilting: to become limp through heat, loss of water, or disease; to droop Yes, I was wilting…I was becoming limp through heat– certain trials I was up against had proved to be very hot; through loss of water– I was looking inward to myself rather than looking at Jesus, the very source of Living Water; …

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His Way is Better

My life is not at all what I thought it would be, and nowhere close to what I “hoped” it would be when I was growing up. I don’t say that regretfully. The Lord has shown me so many times that my thoughts are not His thoughts and His ways are not my ways. Praise the Lord for that! Sometimes in life, we end up being most grateful for the things in life that at that time we hated the most. I look back over my life and see fingerprints of God all over it. Places I lived, people I …

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My Dad: Salvation to Service

I was born into the home of new believers. My mother found Christ first and spent a full year praying for my father. He had once said he would go to church but he would never want a Christian in his home. He never did find God. God found him. He found him in his room searching the scriptures for the UFO’s his older brother swore were in there. He found my father wrestling through the Old Testament exclaiming he could believe in Him, it was this crazy Jesus he couldn’t swallow. He found him considering conversion to Judaism. Then …