Caught Up in the Riptide

One morning, after reading a study on taking thoughts captive, I had an instant visual. My prayer time is in the shower every morning. The water crashing over me somehow reminded me of the ocean and it’s tide. As I began to meditate on all I was learning about, I saw it plain as day. Now, I have never been in a rip current, but I have heard about them from native Californians. I warn my children about them whenever we are at the beach, to look out for them and remind them what to do if they find themselves caught in one.

Our spiritual growth can sometimes seem to be caught up in a riptide when we see and feel no progress. We can be wrestling with something that God is trying to reveal to us (for our own good and for His glory) and feel as though there is no way we will ever grow past it. To get out of a riptide, you must swim to the side, or as one friend shared with me. Turn on your back and float. What if we just turned over onto our backs and submitted to His will and allowed Him to carry us gently back to shore?

Is there something that you feel STUCK in? Are you in a riptide? What if you took today to just turn onto your back and float. Let Him take you closer to shore. Trust in Him.

25 Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD is kept safe.
Proverbs 29:25

Theresa Serate