Confidence in Christ Not Our Flesh


You know that feeling of self-confidence, when you’re being challenged to do something that you’re well experienced at?

What about being confident in someone or something else?

I can be confident in someone who makes a promise to me, until that promise is broken. Or, I can be hopeful that my car will start when I turn the key, but what if it doesn’t?

I’ve found that there’s only one thing that I can be 100% confident of, and that’s in God Himself, and His promises.

God has not only been there when I needed Him but He’s going to be there in the next crucial turn in the road.

To develop confidence in God you need to rely on Him. You have to remove any doubt, and believe He’s Who He says He is.

We’ve all seen the effects of putting our confidence in worldly things, like money, people or appearance.

Knowing that I put my full confidence in God gives me the freedom in knowing that there’s absolutely nothing I can’t do, as long as it’s His Will for my life.

Put your trust in God and feel courage and self-confidence come alive in you.

Philippians 4:13 – “I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

Dianne Petrey