Constant Communication

Communication with my husband is interesting at this time to say the least. This couple who is used to morning and evening talks as well as all through the day is learning new ways to get our words understood. Body language is becoming more important as words don’t simply flow right now. We find that it’s important to focus on each other for health and healing.

Oh beloved, whatever issues of life you are dealing with you can have constant communication available with the Lord. As you learn to rely on Him you will be getting your cues from Holy Spirit within. Knowing His Word helps tremendously. He will speak subtly to you and guide you to remain focused on the Truth. Even when you feel God is silent it’s His Word in your heart that will guide you.

Words like “be still and know I am God.” “Peace that passes all understanding” and “Lo I will be with you always” will cause your heart and mind to rest.

God loves you and He is for you. If you have a healthy spouse Give thanks for that. If you are going through things press into the secret place with the Lord who will always give you all your needs. And rest on the Truth as you walk in the Light of His glory and grace.

2 Samuel 7: 28  “For you are God, O Sovereign LORD. Your words are truth, and you have promised these good things to your servant.”

Romans 15: 13 “I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Psalm 31: 19  “How great is the goodness you have stored up for those who fear you. You lavish it on those who come to you for protection, blessing them before the watching world.”


                          Rebekah Beene