Coronavirus and Leprosy Compared


During Jesus’ time on earth a dreaded disease was leprosy.  And those enduring leprosy lived isolated lives in the society. But Jesus had compassion on lepers as on others afflicted with some handicap or disease. And after healing one with leprosy, He even touched that one.

I’m not sure how contagious coronavirus is but I’d be afraid to knowingly touch a victim. Therefore, facial masks and distancing, are being advised, Also I’m living in the confinement of my room.


Scripture and prayer: Jesus said if the law requires you to walk with a brother one mile, but out of love walk the second mile. Therefore, during this horrid coronavirus pandemic though restricted to my room, I can pray for those less fortunate. So Father, please have mercy on all of these in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.


Doris Lisemby