Dare to be Fearless


We are all born brave and fearless. From that day on we learn fear as its woven into our belief system. We are told to trust so we fight for it, but somehow cannot control the fear. We feel guilty and ashamed, so we tell each other that some fears are healthy. As we age we also learn that God is love and there is no fear in love, therefore no fear in the presence of God. But then we are taught to be afraid of God: to fear deception from God, to fear sin, to fear falling off the wagon or leaving church. We fear judgment and the unknown, such as the end of the world, etc.

In all those moments of fear we feel lost, abandoned, alone, and….. Afraid. We feel that the very God of love is a God who is only near to us when we do the right things and then disappears when we behave the wrong way. We teach that His ways are higher therefore it’s just sinful of us to question this abusive type of love…. Not noticing in fact that a higher, Godlier way to love would be MORE and BETTER than we could ever imagine.

His love shouldn’t leave us feeling more confused, battered, and broken than before… Should it? I know now with every fiber of my being that the answer is a big fat NO. Well folks, there is good news. The Creator of the universe really is everywhere, and in everything… There is absolutely nowhere we can go where God is not… AND GOD IS LOVE. He is the kind of love you understand, but great and mysterious enough to leave you dumb-founded.

So even in our “wrong” choices or behaviors and fears our sweet precious friend, who happens to also have been pursuing our hearts with His love since before we were even born, never ever leaves us or forsakes us… all of us. The only abandonment we feel is in our minds because of what we believe. Let’s renew those minds shall we? Let us recognize the FREEDOM we’ve always had and always will have because of our great Lover. Let us bask in His heart for us and for the world!

When we begin to see that maybe there is a tiny kink in our belief system and that we are really free to see God as FULL of LOVE and actually more amazing than we ever could imagine, we will also start to watch that fear fade away. It just won’t make sense anymore. We will no longer be afraid not to fear and realize that fear is deception itself. The “box” we try to keep God in doesn’t even really exist and we are free to roam outside its imaginary walls to explore more of His majesty and experience a deeper realm of this love!!!

I hope you can trust the truth of Christ and realize He is much more concerned with you knowing that you are a beloved child than He is with you fearing everything else outside of the fake box. And when we get that we begin to unlearn fear and naturally trust. We are then fueled and propelled by this freedom to run, jump, play, sing, and truly LIVE!!! And this song we begin to sing so fearlessly is glorious music to our Lover’s ears!!! Oh, and if you ever feel you’re being led down this path of fear, you can courageously let go of its hand and run into your God given, Creator breathed, Lover infused FREEDOM! You’ll fall more in love with God than you ever thought possible because now there is nothing in your mind that stands between you. You’ll have no regrets, I promise. And you will feel truly safe and deeply loved in the Almighty’s fearless embrace.



Lindsey Little