Deeper into Fathers Love

Come deeper into the Fathers victorious love that overcomes all things. His love will help you to overcome that trial that you are in.  He wants to wrap you in his loving arms. Let him comfort you and equip you.

Not many people will understand the Father’s love.  Some may not understand this righteous path but follow the Lord’s way and choose His way anyway. We don’t love for people, we live for God.

His love will help you become a burning bright light within your soul. Allow His love to help you endure all things. Draw from His strength when you feel weary. Feel His presence and go deeper into His never-failing love, and you will discover the path He intended for you. This deeper place of love is overflowing with glory. Allow the Father to enlighten your understanding that your eyes will open and you will see your troubles much differently.

Those troubles you’re facing will bring you closer to Him and His truth. When you have reached that point of giving up go to His word and allow His love will bring you healing . His unconditional Love will open your heart to others, and you can make the most of the opportunities to demonstrate His great love. Allow His compassion to flow through you. I pray that your love for God will grow more and more each day.

 Jessica Roman