Did Job Always Have Patience

             Job and His Three Friends by James Tissot


Many people refer to Job as our model of patience, but did he always manifest patience? Perhaps no man on earth suffered more than Job, but remember though God allowed his trials and suffering, He put a limitation on how far Satan could tempt him.  At first God told Satan he could do anything to Job except afflict his body; so after the loss of all his children, herds, flocks, and all other earthly possessions; still Job trusted God.

Then after Satan failed to conquer Job, he told God if he were allowed to afflict his body he would not remain faithful. God gave him permission to afflict his body, but he was not to kill him. You have read that Job was afflicted with boils all over his body, sat in the ashes dressed in sackcloth, and his so called friends came to comfort him.
Remember they just sat with him seven days and nights and didn’t say anything to him.  But when they talked, they accused Job of sin and that was why this tragedy had befallen him.  We can learn a lesson from their visiting Job:  if we visit one suffering or grieving, and can’t speak words of comfort it would be better not to visit.  Even Job’s wife told him to curse God and die, but Job remained faithful to God.  However, if we study Job’s speeches, we will note that he did question God concerning his suffering.  So is it wrong to ask God why, when we are overwhelmed with suffering?  Evidently not: because God restored all Job’s family and possessions and told him to pray for his so called comforters. So what was gained by his suffering? He gained a more intimate relationship with God. He said he had heard of God, but now he had seen Him.
 Heavenly Father, please use our sufferings to make us better and not bitter. We ask this in Jesus’ precious name. Amen.

Doris Lisemby