Don’t Get Too Comfortable



Several song writers have written about this thought using the following words:



This world is not my home;

I’m just passing through.

Angels beckon me from heaven’s open door:

And I can’t feel at home here anymore.


When we realize our time on earth is like a vapor, which is seen, but almost instantly disappears; therefore, we should place less emphasis on our earthly homes, and spend more time preparing for our heavenly homes. Because no matter how expensive our house and the value of other earthly possessions, at death we leave them behind: remember Job stated this truth when he said,

“Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I will depart this world.”

Also remember that a hearse  does not have a U-Hauls!

Solomon was said to be the wisest man who lived on earth and he had everything under the sun; yet he realized these things were useless and he was not happy. In fact he thought life was useless.  He was correct in his thinking if one’s life doesn’t have a personal relationship with the Source of life.

Believers are referred to as pilgrims, but what is a pilgrim? There are various definitions, but we shall use the one that defines pilgrims as wanderers or travelers. We might say man is a pilgrim on earth always looking for something better. So in that respect, man is on a pilgrimage while on earth. But soon life will be over and unless he invited Jesus into his life during his pilgrimage, his pilgrimage will end in disappointment and eternal punishment.

Heavenly Father, Thanks for interrupting and redirecting the course of this pilgrim, who was traveling the broad road that leads to destruction and steering her to the narrow way that leads to eternal life. And thank You, Jesus, for making that way possible; so I pray in Your name. Amen.


Doris Lisemby