Meet “Doris Lisemby”

Doris has served the Lord for many years and is an inspiration to many. Through out her life she has been faithful to the Lord’s leading.
She is a mighty prayer warrior and encouragement to all.  Doris still teaches Sunday School at her church.

Doris  began writing and publishing books later in life.  Most of her books were published in her nineties. To this point, Doris has written and published twelve books and has another one in the works.  She also writes devotions for My Journey of Faith Ministries “Day by Day Devotions”.

Doris’ Faith Story

My name is Doris Mitchell Lisemby, and as foreordained by God, I arrived on June 19,1918, to my parents, Wallace and Jewell Graves Mitchell. I am the eldest of ten children and was reared on a farm in Cleveland County Arkansas. At an early age, I learned the meaning of hard work and deprivation caused by the great depression of the late 1920’s and 1930’s.

Most events during the first twenty-one years of my life were rather ordinary: I graduated from high school in 1936, married Ray Lisemby in 1938, and was a homemaker merely existing from day to day. Then God touched my life on August 9, 1939, and I made my profession of faith in Jesus as my Savior as did my husband.

Satan was aware of my vulnerabilities and God’s plan for my future; so he determined not to let go of my life. He knew he could not reclaim my life, but did his utmost to hinder my Christian witness. So the struggle between flesh and Spirit began. God is patient and loves me in spite of my weaknesses.  He loves me because of who I am: His adopted child not because of what I do or don’t do.

Though I am one of the least of God’s children, through many years of sanctification He has blessed my life and used trials to mold it into a vessel to honor Him. These are some of the accomplishments God achieved through my life.  Although not a promising candidate based on my poor high school grades, I earned both a bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, taught in schools of Arkansas and Texas for 32 years with the last 20 years as a speech therapist.

I retied from the teaching profession in 1980, but God had other plans for me. Evidently much pruning was necessary, because my life underwent some sorrow and suffering.

Since my retirement, I have undergone colorectal cancer, death claimed my husband who died with lung cancer, both parents died a few months apart, as well as five siblings and my only daughter at age 53.

At 89 years of age, I left my home and friends in Arkansas to live in Florida with my elder son and his family.


During retirement years, God has given me the privilege of serving Him through Missions Service Corps, local missions, the privilege of teaching children, college students, and adults in Sunday school and serving in other capacities through churches.

And  though limited in skills, He has given me the ability to use a computer using only my forefinger for typing. I have written twenty books plus two pamphlets and have another manuscript based on the Beatitudes, Jesus’ Model Prayer, and The Twenty-third Psalm in my computer. Most of my books were written during my nineties with my last book printed and bound when I was age 98.

I do not know God’s plan for my future, but I am convinced as long as I make my life available, He will give me something worthwhile to do. He knows my sincere desire is to wear out and not rust out!        

Doris Lisemby Book List

Doris Lisemby has written many books.  Just to list a few:

Quest of Life Many of my Childhood Memories
From Obscurity to Royalty
Four Kinds of Love
Poetic Expressions A-Z
Ministry and Miracles of Jesus
Journey of Life before Birth beyond the Grave
Power of Influential Women; Faith and Prayer Keys that Unlock God’s Blessings
Pearls of Great Price
Book of poems; Faith and Prayer Keys that Unlock God’s Blessings
Time-a Fleeting Gift Pamphlet
Precious Jewels Book of Poems
Beatitudes, Sermon on the Mount, Model Prayer, and Twenty-third Psalm

Next book coming soon!