Even A Sandwich



It’s always true that it’s a small world. One of our nurses was born and raised in a town near where we live. Her dad owned the local teenage hangout that all of us went to back in the 70’s. You could say we hit it off.

Yesterday, I was looking online thinking about supper. I thought about ordering something and having it delivered to me. I saw Jason’s deli and remembered how good a muffuletta sandwich is. But then I thought how silly it would be to have just a sandwich delivered to me. I decided I’d just eat what I had.

When the nurses changed in pops the new friend who’s dad owned the drive-in. You’ll never believe what she had in her hand. Half of a muffuletta sandwich from Jason’s deli. I cannot believe God loved me so much that he put it on the heart of a nurse to get that very same sandwich. And he loved her so much that he wanted to use her. And I told her so. She said I don’t hear from him very often because I don’t listen good. I said but you did really good this time.

Oh beloved. God wants you to know this morning that he will move heaven and earth on your behalf. He cares about the big things and he cares about the little things. He hears your heart and he loves to bless your life. Nothing is too difficult for him. Nothing is too simple or little for him either. And he delights in showing his children just how much he hears and just how much he cares. Sometimes he loves to remind you with some little event like a sandwich.

God loves you and He’s for you. Talk to him today and thank him for all the wonderful things he’s doing even in the midst of things that are hard. Thank him to that hard times don’t last but his love endures forever!

Psalm 37: 4   “Delight yourself in the LORD And He will give you the desires of your heart.”

Psalm 94: 19  “When doubts filled my mind, your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer.”


                     Rebekah Beene