Even Then…



Scripture: Romans 5:8 – “…God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (ESV)

Message: “Sometimes we may not be able to see the silver lining behind the dark cloud. But the cross is evidence that it’s there.”(J. D. Greear/ Not God Enough) Our human tendency, especially in the midst of pain is to question God. Our questions might be similar but not limited to; “Where are you, God?, “Why, God?”, and “How long, God?”

In my opinion, these questions are fine when asked in the right respect. In fact, we see all through the Bible noteworthy souls crying out to God with similar questions. Some of these include David, Habakkuk, and Job. I think at times these questions help put ourselves in perspective – we are smaller than small while God is bigger than big (which is a focal point on Greear’s highly recommended book).

From my experience, this is what I see when we ask questions the right way (by no means the answer) but more of God’s love which always leads me back to the gospel where there’s no room for me to question. All I see there is His love for me and the rest of mankind. His love really does change everything. His love doesn’t make the pain vanish for then where would the cross be? But instead His love intertwines itself into my pain. Upon the cross, Jesus literally took mankind’s pain upon Himself and took the punishment that we all deserved. He suffered not that we don’t have to suffer but that when we suffer, we don’t do so alone (another focus point from Greear’s book).

He suffered to the point of death because that’s the punishment for sin that I and the rest of mankind deserved. The nails upon His feet and hands. The crown of thorns. The mocks. All the while thinking of me, you, and mankind. But, God always fulfills His promises in His time. So the hundreds of prophecies pointing to not only Christ being born in Bethlehem to a virgin but too Him dying on a cross denying the need for vinegar and being raised on the third day has all been fulfilled in history. When we rest in that truth, it gives us the confidence that God still keeps His promises and He still invites souls to turn to Him in repentance to be saved. Have you accepted the invite?

Call to action: Reflect on the gospel and if you haven’t accepted the gospel, I pray that God tugs upon your heart. And if you have accepted the gospel, who can you share it with today? If your heart is struggling, know that even then God stills loves and I pray He surrounds you with those who will show you that truth.

Allie Braitenberg