Examine the Good


God saw all that He had made, and it was very good. Genesis 1:31



My oldest son has always been a thinker and a man of few words. It frustrated me to ask him:

“How as soccer practice?
Answer: “Good.”

“How was youth group?”
Answer: “Good.”

“How was your chemistry final?”
Answer: “Good.”

I was humbled when re-reading the creation account, noting that “good” was also what God proclaimed over His creation at the conclusion of each day. He even added the pronoun very on the last day!

The Bible has much to say about “good.” Searching the word “good” in a Bible app or computer program will yield over 600 results, with over 60 occurrences in the Psalms alone! As I struggled to pare down that list to only 30 nuggets, I just could not do it.

Take a moment to ruminate over Genesis 1:31, and you may find joy in knowing that God’s work brought Him a sense of satisfaction. And work does the same for us! Let’s remember that work existed before the fall — it was only after that it came with sweat, thorns, and thistles. As we prepare for the fast-approaching holidays, there is much work to be completed: lists to be made, casseroles to be baked, gifts to be bought and wrapped. I hope making God’s Word a priority will help you find satisfaction in your work. Won’t you download the November Write the Word bookmark and join me in focusing on Old Testament verses about “good” during this month of thanksgiving and preparation for celebrating Christ’s birth?

For information on the transformative power of writing God’s Word, and how I have seen the value in my own life, check out this YouTube video from 2019! (Don’t forget, though, that the Write The Word series is now hosted here on the Cross My Heart website … you just need to visit the Downloads page!)

If you’re at a loss for all the things that need to be on your list as the holidays approach, we’ve got you covered there, too! The November ‘Do It’ List is now available for download. This one-page resource — available in a version with pre-filled daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that are necessary in most households, and a second, blank version that can be customized to fit your particular circumstances — is designed to help you manage home and hearth well, so you, too, can end each day declaring it to be, “good.”

For some inspiration on the items on the list, I hope you’ll take a few moments to explore the Martha Mondays playlist on the Cross My Heart YouTube channel!

Laura Macfarlan