The Bible Project is an excellent source of videos for teaching books of the Bible such as “Exodus” and themes of the Bible such as “Holiness”.  Watch part 1 of Exodus contains chapters 1-18.  Click the Bible Project link to view other videos from this project.

Another Bible Project video part 2. The Exodus Ch 19-40 Watch this video  for a summary of the last part of the book of Exodus chapter 19-40.

As we begin our study of Exodus, let’s take a look at background information concerning this book.

Author:  Moses

Date Written: 1450-1410 BC

Purpose: To record the events of Israel’s deliverance from Egypt,  the development as a nation called Israel and how God revealed His presence to them.

3 Major divisions:

  1. Israel in Egypt-Chapters 1-12: slavery in Egypt, God chooses Moses, Moses is sent to Pharaoh, Plagues and the Passover.
  2. Fleeing from Egypt to Sinai-Chapters 13-18: Escape for Egypt, the Red Sea and life in the wilderness.
  3. Israel at Sinai-Chapters 19-40: Giving of the law, instructions for the tabernacle, breaking the law, and tabernacle construction.

Themes in Exodus: The Forming of A Nation, Bondage, Deliverance, Law, Sacrifices, Redemption, and the Presence of God. 

The following YouTube video is a good overall summary of Exodus by “Proclaim His Word”



Discussion Questions

1.  What promise was Abraham given by God in Genesis 15 concerning his descendants in a strange land?  Why is this important to know?

2.  Why was the family of Jacob residing in Egypt? How many descendants of Jacob moved to Egypt from Canaan?

3.  How long was the period between Genesis and Exodus? What happened during this time?

4.   In what way does Exodus show the continuing plan of  God for this small family clan and God’s covenant with Abraham ?

5. Is there any evidence that Moses ever existed as a real person?  Is there archeological evidence of his existence?  (Search the Internet to find your answer)

6. Why did God choose the condition of bondage under Pharaoh as the circumstance when the promise of many descendants is fulfilled?

7. Moses told God he was inadequate to speak to Pharaoh.  Does God usually choose those who know they are inadequate to perform His task to lead?