Finding Peace

Day by Day Devotions

Writing down my faith story changed my life. The application process for seminary required that my husband Dan and I to write down our faith stories. I struggled with that assignment, even though I had attended church all my life.

Baptism. I recalled a few details of my baptism experience. I pictured myself as a scrawny, nine-year-old tomboy with a long, brown ponytail, dressed in my Camp Fire uniform, sitting in church with my best friend, Bibbie.

Our mothers had lined us up on the second row at church for Camp Fire Recognition Day. At the end of the sermon, Bibbie and I decided to “get baptized.”

“Wanna get baptized?” I agreed without a moment’s hesitation, “Okay!”

My faith story seemed boring. No big “come to Jesus moment” or anything like that. Just a simple childhood baptism, like everyone else I knew—except my husband Dan.

Reading Dan’s story brought tears to my eyes. I had observed an incredible change in him after he made a decision to follow Christ. He seemed to know Jesus in a personal way, and he even began to talk openly about his faith and study His Bible.

Christ-follower. So, I began to question what it really meant to follow Christ. As I read one passage in Galatians, the words seemed to jump off the page, right into my heart. “My old self has been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me …” (2:20 NLT).

At that time, I didn’t understand how to apply the Bible to my life. I wanted to please God. So, I read my Bible every day and attended church regularly. I knew right from wrong. I even tried to control my temper.

But I still feared that I could never be “good enough” to make it to heaven. Even if I did the right thing all of the time, what could I do about my past?

Forgiveness. I read many scriptures, confirming that God’s forgiveness is not dependent upon what I’ve done or haven’t done—it’s not about me at all. Forgiveness is all about Jesus—and what Jesus did. Jesus chose to go to the cross to pay for my forgiveness—and for yours. I don’t recall my exact words when I decided to trust Christ with my life. No lightning flashed, and no thunder roared. But following that moment, I sensed God’s peace within me.

Peace and hope. So, write down your faith story. It may help you find the peace you need, and it could also be the catalyst of hope for someone else.

God’s Word also encourages us, “… Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have …” (1 Pet. 3:15 NIV).

What scriptures have encouraged you in your faith walk?


Karen Jordan