For Freedom We Are Set Free




For Freedom We Are Set Free

How often do we take our freedom for granted?  Not only do we tend to get calloused toward the everyday freedoms we have (speech, religion, etc.) but, as Christians, it’s sobering to realize how often we become numb to the personal freedom offered through the Holy Spirit as well.  We go through our day to day lives with narrow thinking, guilty conscious, worry, fear, anxiety, selfishness, and sin.  Yet Christ said in

John 10: 10 “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” (NASB)

This is echoed again in Galatians 5: 1 “It was for freedom that Christ set us free” (NASB).

This spiritual liberation comes so that we can be free to serve God without fear of a cruel master.  We can love the world without anxiety or worry over judgment and we can have joy even in our struggles because we know that our pain is only temporary and His freedom is eternal.  We are also delivered from fear of being rejected- specifically when it comes to sharing the Gospel with those we come in contact with.  Scripture says that we don’t have to be afraid of telling others about Jesus because, even if they reject it, they are not rejecting us but rather Christ Himself.   As much as that hurts to think about, it’s not us they are saying no to and Jesus tells us “well done” when we step out and share Him with others.

So often we claim the forgiveness and salvation of Christ but then choose to continue living in bondage because we think we don’t deserve any different or because we’re too afraid of what living differently will look like. If we’ve always lived worried, discontent, self-deprecating lives, then it becomes a deep habit that’s too hard to try to break.  We start believing that this is just “how we are” and it really doesn’t matter as long as we love God.

Is this freedom? No- of course not! We are rejecting the very life Jesus died to give us when we choose not to live in the confident, content, royal manner that He designed for us to! In our freedom we can live a life of purpose if we listen to God’s holy whispers in our lives. We can step out in gentle boldness and live lives confidently in His grace as well as brightly for the lost.  Don’t for a moment believe that freedom is for a select few.  It is for EVERY person that will choose to take hold of Truth… this abundant life is ours for the living and is a gift that should never be taken for granted and most certainly never selfishly kept to ourselves.

Cassie Nolin Lung