Forgiveness Brings Healing



If you have suffered a harmful offense by another and finally forgave that person, you are experiencing a sense of healing in your life. Usually such a wound inflicted does not heal overnight, but we should begin by praying for the offender and asking God to bless him or her.

I must remember that my offense probably was not intentional: if harsh words were spoken that caused my hurt; perhaps they were spoken in haste, or that one was dealing with his or her own problems. If my hurt was feeling rejected by not being included in some activity, reminding myself there was a reason I was not included and it was not meant to hurt me, helps me forgive.

Perhaps you have heard the expression forgive and forget; probably the offense is remembered in our sub- conscious minds and may surface in our thinking, but we can remember it without feelings of hatred or ill will toward the one who inflicted it.

Most hurts are not intentional, but when they were intentional, remember the hurtful words hurled at Jesus and other ways He was humiliated and rejected. And still He is being rejected by many, but continues to extend His loving arms of forgiveness. I have found that forgiveness is not an emotional attitude, but the mind wills to forgive; so I might begin by praying like this:

Father, You know I am hurting, but perhaps Mary did not intend to offend me. And though I am hurting, I will to forgive her and ask You to bless her life. If she is struggling with problems, please solve them for her. You love Mary and I love her; so I commit her into Your loving arms.

Thank You in Jesus Name.  Amen.


Doris Lisemby