Free Consent


Free Consent




When you’re an employer, one of the rights you are expected to give a potential employee is free consent.  Before the person accepts the job, they should know exactly what responsibilities they are taking, and the consequences.  For example, someone may not accept a position of night watchman if they know upfront the crime rate in the area they will be stationed is much higher than the place of application.

Many people believe that because God is our comforter, once we submit ourselves to Him, our lives will be perfect.  Jesus gave full disclosure on this subject and it was quite the opposite; it’s not glamorous.

During Jesus’ ministry, He (nor his followers) had a place to lay their head (Matthew 8: 20).  He also warned that the world would hate his disciples because it first hated Him (John 16: 18).

So, the question we must ask ourselves is: Knowing that life will most likely be much harder, will we still choose to follow Jesus?

There in lies the reasoning why people are more apt to be saved at an early age than adulthood.  Jesus said we had to have a child-like faith (Matthew 18: 3) to get into Heaven. That’s because as we get older, we over-analyze everything.  We may begin to ask, “Just how many trials will I have to endure?  How long will they last?”  Basically, rationalizing the decision before we commit.

Let me share with you one scripture that gives me that peace that passes understanding.

I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” (John 16: 33 ESV)

The point is not that we will or will not have hardships, but that Jesus is there to take our worrisome load (Matthew 11: 28-30).


Tiffany Lott