From Anxious to Joyful



“When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy.” – Psalms 94:19

When I was younger, I battled social anxiety. It started as not being able to speak up in class, when a teacher called on me, I sat there in my seat, frozen, and to scared to speak. This often led to me being forced to stand in the hallway for most of the class because my teachers couldn’t understand why I was unable to answer a question. As time went on, it went from not being able to speak in class, to not being able to ask where something is in a grocery store, not being able to order food in a restaurant, and eventually I couldn’t even leave my home. I say all this to say that, once I found the Lord, and saw how he sees me and the love that he has for me, that person left. I was no longer scared, anxious, and crippled by panic attacks. Instead, I was brave, strong, and I found courage that I never knew I had before. The Lord has the ability to change people. We, as his children, are loved by him in a way that nobody else can ever love us. When we struggle with anxiety it can be so hard to remember that, but if you stop, take hold of that anxious thought, and then surrender it over to the Lord, he will help make you strong. If you continue to do this, over time, you will see a change and you may then also, look back one day, and see how far you have come.

Lord, it is so hard sometimes to remember that we don’t need to be anxious, we don’t need to worry, when we know that you are within us. That you make us strong. Help us take hold of all of our anxious thoughts and surrender them to you. Let us know that you are with us, helping to make us strong. We ask this in your name Lord, Amen.

Christina Marchese