Frustrated and Disappointed

“My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from Him.” ~ Psalm 62:5

One thing I bet we all know is that waiting on God can be frustrating! (It’s OK to admit it!) It’s only because His timing is perfect, and He knows how everything’s going to affect, well, everything…I also think that’s one reason He gives us a great big book of encouragement and promises! I try not to be one of “Daddy’s little helpers”, but I often am. It’s not because I’m trying to do things on my own, but sometimes, it seems like there’s a step I’m supposed to take, and I surely don’t want to miss it! It can be hard to know if we need to make a move, or if we should literally “wait thou only upon God”. Moving on to the next part of the verse, we can find ourselves majorly disappointed if we put our expectation in anyone but Him. Speaking from experience, the nicest Christian people you’ll ever meet can disappoint you more than they could ever imagine. Many times, you’ll probably find yourself thinking that God has placed them in your path to help, so when words prove to be empty, it can leave you pretty stunned. Not that God doesn’t use people to help you along; He certainly does! But, when people let you down, as they will, be encouraged that God never will!


Tori Gay